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Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop, our top-selling fragrance, offers a perfectly blended roasted aroma reminiscent of your favorite coffee drink. This energizing, warming, and welcoming blend will stimulate the senses with notes of hazelnut, maple, and freshly ground roasted coffee beans. Creamy base notes of frothy milk, caramel, and sweetened vanilla round out this delicious pick-me-up of a fragrance. Coffee Shop is enhanced with Real Coffee Beans.


•100% Natural Fragrance infused with essential oils including coffee, clove leaf, anise and vanilla

•Pure Soy + Coconut Wax

•High quality lead free all-natural Cotton Wick

•Hand poured in small batches

•Skin Safe, Cruelty Toxic Free + Vegan

•Burn Time : 65-75 Hours

•Natural Pine wood lid is not only decorative, preserves life span, keeps debris/dust out, and acts as heat resistant surface to burn candle on!


Tea Lights (3-Pack) burn time: *3-6 hours. 

14oz burn time: *55-75 hours

25oz burn time: *up to135 hours

*burn time ranges with candle maintenance*

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