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Meet the Maker

From Model turned Candlemaker, Diana Lauren has been creating candles since 2009- Thats right, for over 14 years! (this isn't a recent startup driven from the pandemic) The craft has brought joy and positivity into her life. Small Business ownership has it's ups and downs. At times it's blissful & at times it's stressful. Diana wouldn't have it any other way. That feeling of "I made this with love and it brings you happiness" is worth it all.

Always gravitating towards nature, we wanted to create a natural product that was good for your overall well being. Our candles are hand poured in small batches with positive and beautiful affirmations. This ensures excellence and uniformity of product with meticulous application of detail. The goal is simple: to bring warmth, comfort & serenity leading you to a state of Tranquil Bliss

Let’s Work Together

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To shop in-house/in-person please call to make an appointment prior to arriving​.


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