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Cottage on the Coast

Cottage on the Coast


Transport yourself to the serene charm of a New England coastal cottage with our 'Cottage on the Coast' candle. Housed in a neutral taupe stonewashed jar, reminiscent of the soothing tones of coastal landscapes, this blend captures the essence of seaside tranquility. Inhale the refreshing aroma of Sea Salt, Driftwood, Bergamot, Amber, and Eucalyptus, as if strolling towards the shore from a quaint boardwalk.

Let the coastal breezes fill your space with a calm and rejuvenating ambiance.

This gives you all the luxe feels with the textured linen simple label. Created in a neutral stonewashed taupe matte glass, with a ‘hybrid’ wood tube wick surrounding a cotton wick.

(Resulting in subtle crackle and a beautiful burn)


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