Rainbow Cookie

Rainbow Cookie


Living on Long Island, NY you will know this tri-color Italian American (of origin) “cake style” cookie. Some say it isn’t as prevalent in other cities and states as it is here. So my inspiration for this creation derives from that- no matter what state or city you can enjoy this delicious scent in the comfort of your own home!

  • Each layer (red, ivory & green) is Almond scent.
  • In-between is a thin layer of raspberry jam scent.
  • The “frosting” on top is a milk chocolate/raspberry blend & garnished with real chocolate sprinkles!


Net Wt: 16oz

Burn Time: 55-75 hrs*

Style: Salsa-Mason Jar (re-use when candle is complete!)


  • The Process

    Please keep in mind this multi layered candle will take longer creating than the others. Please note this will take an additional 3-5 days until final completion. Thank you.