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Set the mood you want to create...everyday with Tranquil Bliss Candle Craft


Always gravitating towards nature, we wanted to create a natural product that was good for your overall well being. Our candles are hand poured in small batches with positive and beautiful affirmations. This ensures excellence and uniformity of product with meticulous application of detail. The goal is simple: to bring warmth, comfort & serenity leading you to a state of Tranquil Bliss.

Our Mission


Our mission is to provide you with healthy, safe, and therapeutic candles. Each and every candle is lovingly made by hand, and is composed of simple, natural ingredients. The wax is a high quality soy wax, and the fragrance oils are Pthalate-free, with a blend of essential oil extracts. Each candle is stylish and simple with a variety of sizes perfect for gifts, holidays, party favors and home decor. 

Diana Lauren
Proprietor & Candlemaker
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